Is Your Space Ready for COVID-19 Post Lockdown Occupancy

  23 June 2020

Office social distancing


→ Social distancing

→ Hand sanitisers

→ Disinfecting of surfaces

→ Appropriate markings and signage

→ Ventilation system check ?

Mechanical ventilation systems play a critical role in diluting indoor contaminants and reducing the risk of virus spread in commercial buildings.

To ensure good indoor air quality, the outdoor air and exhaust ventilation systems must first perform to comply to the minimum Australian Standards requirement, and can be increased if the equipment can accommodate to reduce the risk of viral spread.

Some experts suggest that virus transmission can occur in toilet facilities, therefore making the ventilation system in toilets a top priority for review.

At Gunardi Consulting, we have the expertise to assist you by providing a review of the existing systems and report on the following areas:

  • Airflow measurement to check whether the current air changes are acceptable and to identify spaces with stagnant air.
  • Tuning the system operation to maintain acceptable air dilution as well as ensuring the space temperature and humidity stay within the desired range.
  • Review of the current filtration system.

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